Courses Taught

Engineering Courses
CBE:5300 Drug Delivery Devices (co-taught with Prof. Eric Nuxoll)
CBE:5105/5104 Introduction to Literature Review and Proposal/Technical Writing
CBE:3110 Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange
ENGR:1100 Engineering Problem Solving I: Discussion/Lab Sections
CBE:1000 Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Departmental Seminar (first-year undergraduates)

Pharmacy Courses
46:237 Transport Phenomena (co-taught with Prof. Douglas Flanagan)
46:110/46:238 Drug Delivery I (4 weeks)
46:111/46:239 Drug Delivery II (2 weeks)
46:123 Pharmaceutics I: Solutions (5 weeks)
46:012 Survey of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences (co-taught with Prof. David Roman)