Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to teach. I love learning and was always curious about the way the world worked. These two basic joys come together for me in my role as professor. Through teaching, I get to share my love of learning with others and work to help students learn what they need to be successful in their own careers. I believe in the ability of people to learn any subject, skill, or trade they want and that a good teacher can help this process by supporting students along the way. I enjoy explaining new concepts and love seeing when it suddenly clicks for a student. You can see the joy in their face and their newfound ability to ask truly insightful questions. It is this passion that I bring to the classroom, to my laboratory, and to the many outreach and service activities that I engage in.
    • Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching, College of Engineering, 2019
    • Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) Mentoring Award, 2018
    • Champion for Student Success, University of Iowa, 2017
    • Excellence in Teaching and Dedication to Student Success Award, College of Engineering CBE Graduating Class, 2016
    • P1 (first-year class) Teacher of the Year, College of Pharmacy, 2013
Engineering Courses
  • CBE:5740 Engineering Principles of Drug Delivery (upper undergrad / grad course)
  • CBE:5300 Drug Delivery Devices (co-taught with Prof. Eric Nuxoll; upper undergrad / grad course))
  • CBE:5105/5104 Introduction to Literature Review and Proposal/Technical Writing (grad course)
  • CBE:3109 Fluid Flow (previously CBE:3110 Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange; undergrad course)
  • CBE:2105 Process Calculations (co-taught with Prof. Julie Jessop and Dr. Beth Rundlett; undergrad course)
  • ENGR:1100 Engineering Problem Solving I: Discussion/Lab Sections (first year undergrad course)
  • CBE:1000 Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Departmental Seminar (first year undergrad course)
Pharmacy Courses
  • 46:237 Transport Phenomena (co-taught with Prof. Douglas Flanagan)
  • 46:110/46:238 Drug Delivery I (4 weeks)
  • 46:111/46:239 Drug Delivery II (2 weeks)
  • 46:123 Pharmaceutics I: Solutions (5 weeks)
  • 46:012 Survey of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences (co-taught with Prof. David Roman)

Faculty cohort for TILE (transform, interact, learn, engage) training - a great group of people to learn about new teaching methods with!